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Asset protection

Silk Road act with complete discretion when tasked to ensure safekeeping, safe transportation or collection of a client's specific asset, and stay with the item/s throughout the duration of the task.


Often a person requires not themselves, but their possession to be under protection. Asset protection is important to our clients and therefore it is important to us. When Silk Road Protective Security is required for this service the asset becomes treated with the same importance and regards as the client - as if it were a body to a guard. 


Silk Road Protective Security can offer a highly visible presence or remain discreet depending on the requirements of the client and risk involved.


Static Security / Security Guards

Silk Road Protective Security provides security guarding services in Devon and Cornwall to conduct entry and exit managment, patrols and perimeter safeguarding. These services deter against unauthorised access or occupation, disorder, damage, destruction, theft and other unlawful conduct.



Why might I need Asset protection or Static Security?

Uniformed, Static Guards offer a visable presence of secure protection at a location and of it's contents.


As always Silk Road Protective Security demonstrate discretion and courtesy towards our client, their family, other residents and visitors by prior arrangment.


We are sensitive to the needs of clients and can accept requests for up-to-date DBS checks be conducted immediately prior to the deployments of an operative to a clients home or before carrying out security duties around a family.




Our Devon and Cornwall based Security Team are honest, punctual, reliable, customer-friendly and good humoured. At Silk Road Protective Security we believe in the advantages of having both male and female staff members  who are all experienced in monitoring day-to-day entry and exit of staff and visitors. Our team confidentally carry out verification of accreditation passes, verify numbers of capacity, provide safety and general support as well as general information and advice to visitors. 



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